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Is Being ACID Unhealthy



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    Lance Rossier

    Dr. Berg: I appreciate your video clips and have learned much. We discovered you on YouTube.

    Regarding supplementing with Betaine HCL and ACV and Bile, I have a few questions.

    • Since stomach acid is exponential in measure of acidity, it seems it would be very difficult to take too much. Yet, even at the age of 70, in good health, experiencing good intensive weightlifting workouts at the gym, although while having symptoms of low stomach acid and possibly low bile production, there must be a limit as to how much to take before overdoing it.
      1. What would the symptoms be from taking too much?
      2. How likely is this to happen?
      3. Should supplementation be administered gradually with increased doses over time until reaching an appropriate level?
      4. How best can that level be determined without extensive medical testing.
      5. What gauge should be used to determine when to incrementally increase dosage, and by how much?
      6. Is one not supposed to experience any burping or gas at all when digestion is at a level of maximum efficiency?
    • You mention taking Betaine HCL and ACV BEFORE a meal.
      1. How much time before a meal?
      2. Is it possible that supplementation before a meal will affect the brain/stomach neurofeedback from signaling to produce what little stomach acid it would otherwise produce, and thereby defeat the goal of encouraging increased stomach acid production?
      3. How long does it generally take to experience increased acid production whereupon decreased supplementation should be considered?
    • Jonathan Wright mentions in his book, “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You”, the use of “deglycerized licorice” to help with stomach ailments as well as with increasing stomach acid production. I haven’t notice you mentioning this in any of you video clips.
      1. Would you recommend this? Why or why not? How would you administer it?
    • Regarding my personal symptoms, I seem to fit in the middle of everything you have mentioned.
      1. I do not seem to have an issue with red meat unless I overeat, but do with fat-laden greasy foods, causing belching, burping, bloating, and gas.
      2. I am very lactose intolerant.
      3. I cannot consume whole wheat products without experiencing significant symptoms of indigestion, such as bloating and lots of gas. Yet, I can consume oatmeal and rice cereals without any problems.
      4. Generally, with every meal I experience some burping and gas, although not necessarily with bloating.
      5. So, it seems I need lots of Betaine HCL and ACV, which have seemed to help but not enough. And also bile, which I have not tried and have only now ordered from you on Amazon.
        1. For some time, I have been taking a tablespoon of Braggs ACV mixed in water with a little stevia after my dinner meals, along with a single Betaine HCL capsule (750mg) toward the end of my meal. Only recently have I increased my HCL intake to two capsule (1500mg) during the meal.
        2. Only in the last few days have I started taking the HCL before my meals while drinking the ACV during the meal, which seems to be increasing the benefit of decreased symptoms, although I still have some symptoms.
    • Although as I mentioned, I am concerned about negating stomach production of HCL, I do need to improve my digestion of nutrients, but do not know how to best proceed.

    Thank you for addressing my questions!

    Sincerely, Lance Rossier

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