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Potassium: The Most Important Electrolyte | Dr. Berg



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    Yash Kobe

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. It finally freed me from the problem I have been having since I was diagnosed diabetic and started on a low carb diet. Frequently I was extremely dizzy, perspire with thick sweat, and had an irregular heartbeat. After four years of watching your videos, I was beginning to get much better but still had the same symptoms though less frequently.

    I did try eating 7 to 10 cups of salad greens, but it was very difficult to find such a large quantity of salad greens in my area, Kobe, Japan. After watching your video, I tried eating kelp tsukudani (soy sauce preserved kelp). Within a few minutes, I regained my balance and started to feel better. I felt encouraged and ate Korean dried seaweed flavored with sesame oil and salt. After that, I felt tons better. I do like vegetables, but I found it rather difficult to get all the potassium from salad alone. Now I have hope.

    Thank you, Dr. Berg!!

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